Hey, I have a blog!

What's more annoying than a blogger rediscovering their blog? Not a lot. But here I am anyway. It's been almost two years, but I guess I'm in the mood again.

I'm still working on the boat after having a few interruptions like moving to a new city and state and having a baby. I've made some progress on it but since it's mostly just sanding it doesn't look like much. The good news is the new house has a garage so the boat doesn't have to live outside. I'll post a real boat update later.

I'm thinking about writing a blog series on a programming project I've been working on. So expect a few articles on that soon. I hope to make them interesting even to non-technical folks.

Also, I added a form to sign up for my email list on the contact page. ALSO I added a contact page... if you sign up I'll send you an email when theres something new here.

But for now, it's good to be back. Hopefully there will be a little more going on around here from now on.