I didn't get much time today since my awesome wife was running (and setting a PR) at the Flying Pig Marathon and so couldn't watch the kids. Late afternoon, I got into it a little.

Thing number one was only partly boat related. I borrowed my dad's portable bench, and it looked like this:

legs inward

The legs really bothered me. While it didn't feel unstable (especially on the concrete), having the legs curve was just too much. I suspect that the guy at the store put it together wrong, so I swapped the sides.

legs outward

Much better.

After that, I had a few minutes before I had to scrounge some dinner for the poor, hungry kids who had snack an hour ago, I swear, those kids don't ever stop eating... all right, all right I'll feed you stop gnawing on my arm!

Whew. Everything went all fuzzy for a moment there.

Anyway, I pulled the sander outside with the little workbench and started shaping the daggerboard.


I suspect I'm going to be at it for a while. It's supposed to be vaguely wing shaped to reduce drag. The front is rounded and the back is tapered for about three inches. I made a little progress on one side. So, yeah, I'll be at it for a while.

See you later in the week!