So... my plan for tonight was to epoxy the underside of the hull. But then I remembered I needed to fix some spots near the bow where I'd sanded through the plywood and left gaps. So instead I shaped the rails at the bow and did some sanding on the tops of the rails.

Here's the ends of the rails just sticking out into space...

rails before

And here they are neat and trim.

rails after

I made a pattern out of cardboard and traced it on both sides of the bow. The pattern had a long curve on it and I moved it around a bit to try and find a shape I liked. It's getting a little more shaping with the sander and possibly some spots will be filled in with some thickened epoxy, too.

I did some further sanding on the tops of the rails until the kids went to bed. Couldn't run power tools after that.

Until next time!