It was a productive day in the boatworks this Sunday, although there are not a lot of pictures.

I worked on the thwarts (seats) and mast thwart. I'm just getting the final coats of epoxy on them. I'm waiting on the rear seat until I can flip the boat back over and test the fit again.


I got the tape off and did some more cleanup sanding and touched up the epoxy on the hull a bit.


And I had some helpers this week! They helped me glue together the foam insulation for extra flotation. It's amazing how much more stressful (but rewarding) it is having them in there.


A plywood boat sealed in epoxy is a good thing. A child sealed in epoxy, while probably quieter, is not a good thing.

caleb helping

The floatation is foam blocks that will be shaped and glued under the seats. The wooden boat should already float pretty well, but hopefully this will make the boat unsinkable, a trait I will likely need...

Next time, hopefully, I will flip the boat right side up!